It takes expert vision
and deep brand understanding to start your communications plan on the right track.
Let’s lay the foundations.

Guiding you through a journey of discovery, clarity and solutions.


Providing results and cost effective brand strategy.

At the heart of every successful business is a killer strategy; one that not only sets the tone for sales KPIs and customer retention, but all the elements of a brand that contribute to reaching those crucial business goals. From tone & voice to aesthetics and messaging, our ‘Captivate’ services dive deep into your brand to discover exactly how you can best have your audience hanging on your every word. It’s deliberate, thoughtful strategy and planning; not just one move ahead but lightyears ahead.

Our ‘captivate’ services include:

Brand Audit & Development

“What values underpin every single aspect of our customer experience? How does our audience see and relate to us…. and how has our audience evolved?”

These are the questions that every business owner should be asking themselves. Do you have an answer – a clear, unified and direction-leading answer – to all of the above? If not, fear not. Noop will strategically audit every single facet of your brand to identify your brand pillars, identity and values – all of which comprise the core of your business and ultimately, what you can offer to your customers. It’s about achieving clarity and crisp value proposition that resonates both internally and externally to your company. Make no mistake – invoking the level of emotion, trust, legacy and admiration that’s on par with a leading brand is profound. And it’s where you need to be.

How does the world see your business?


Brand / Campaign Strategy

Great, successful campaigns don’t just fall together magically… they come together through clear, holistic and strategic direction that pulls in every facet of your brand so cleverly that it almost looks effortless.

Our expert team can help you define (and thoroughly understand) your audience, set your tone and key messages, and lay a foundational strategy that can be built upon and tactically executed with ease in the years to come. We guide you through these defining steps, and help to eliminate the noise.

Are you ready to market with purpose?

Message Development

Brand messaging ties in every piece of content that you create. It’s the way you speak to your customers in your promotional materials; the way your in-store signage and packaging looks and feels; the tone that your customers read your materials in in their minds.

It’s not to be underestimated. It’s what makes customers relate to you by inspiring, motivating and persuading them to be part of the value that your business brings to the table.

What story will your brand tell?

Effortless style and function, expertly connected.

Keenly spotting a gap in the market, Palette Nails’ set about to combine beauty and fashion like never before, offering clients a high-end experience that replicates runway and couture trends from the world over. The question was… how could they make sure that this seamless combination of beauty and fashion was expertly mirrored and elaborated upon across all aspects of their brand?

Enter Noop…

Don’t just speak…
be heard..

Communicate. Engage.

So, you’ve set your brand and campaign strategy in place. With a clear sense of identity and values, you’re fired up and ready to go. Now, it’s time to flow through that strategy into every piece of communication to make sure that your audience not only listens, takes action and keeps coming back for more… but also speaks back to you; providing your brand with valuable feedback, research and endless opportunities to grow. But to make sure that happens, you have to be clever in your approach.
Conversation is like a dance, after all…
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